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Depression and Anxiety Therapy

At Restore Balance, our clinicians all have backgrounds in inpatient and partial hospitalization levels of care. As providers who are seasoned in assessing and managing risk, it is our goal to stop cycles of institutionalization and empower our clients to take control of their life. Clients can expect their therapist to work with them in managing intrusive thoughts, improving self care, building resilience to stressors, and re-organizing priorities in life to reflect client values. Schedule a consultation with a therapist today to discuss how we can help you meet your goals.


Emotion Focused Therapy - therapy that guides clients to identify, experience, tolerate, and make decisions based on their emotions. This therapy is for people who lack emotional awareness, experience numbing and dissociation, and who experience avoidance of inner experience. Through EFT clients can experience increased awareness and acceptance of their emotions and decreased avoidance behavior that perpetuates interpersonal difficulties. 


Interpersonal Therapy - This approach focuses on improving interpersonal relationships and functioning to relieve symptomatology. It addresses current issues and communication in relationships as opposed to revisiting childhood or developmental events. Therapy focuses on how the client relates to self, others, and therapist. 


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)  - A therapeutic approach that utilizes acceptance, mindfulness techniques, commitment and behavioral change strategies to increase client’s resilience, adaptability, and value-driven behavior. Clients change their relationship with avoided thoughts, feelings, and memories to reintegrate and accept them, in turn directing their lives in more personally meaningful ways. 

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