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Carrie Gensler, MA, LPC, CCTP

Working in mental health since 2016-Practice Owner 

Carrie is not currently taking new clients 

Sometimes we need a place where we can feel safe with ourselves and our emotions. Maybe you feel lost or just not like yourself anymore. Maybe you are struggling with a particular issue or maybe you just want someone to listen and make you feel heard. No matter where you are in your journey, I would like to help. I believe that therapy doesn't always have to be about fixing yourself, but maybe finding more understanding about yourself. As a therapist, my goal is to create a safe environment for you to explore your feelings. Therapy is a collaborative experience and I believe in working together to guide my clients to place of understanding, happiness, and safety. 


I have years of experience in the mental health field, primarily working with trauma, anxiety, bipolar, depression, psychotic disorders, LGBTQ+, adults, and young adults.  I work with individuals, couples and families. When I work with families, I use a family system approach, which means I treat the whole family, not just one person.


I adapt my approach to the needs of each client, understanding that this is a journey we go on together. I often work from a CBT-oriented approach although, when working with trauma, my approach is psychodynamic, and person-centered. I also am trained in brains spotting which is an effective technique for relief from trauma, anxiety, and depression. I aim to help you build personalized tools to help manage symptoms and live a more fulfilling life. 


I am a Licensed Professional Counselor. I obtained my masters in clinical mental health counseling from Argosy University and I started my career in a behavioral health hospital, running groups for young adults, and women with trauma.  I am also a certified clinical trauma professional. To schedule an appointment either book online, call (678) 310-3289, or email I look forward to hearing from you. 



Trauma/PTSD/Complex Trauma

Mood Disorders




I accept Aetna, United, Human, and private pay clients. Private pay clients can inquire about a super bill to file with insurance, which may cover some of the cost of therapy. 



50 minute session-$160

60 minutes- $175

When I am able I also offer a negotiated rate


Meet our Therapists


Kristen Faircloth, M.Ed, LPC, CCTP

Working in Mental Health since 2014-Practice Owner

Security, stability, balance - these three words come to mind when I think of ultimate human desire; to feel safe, stable and overall a sense of balance within our lives; at times we may feel these are not being met. It is my hope for us to work collaboratively to identify problem areas and work towards regaining balance in your life.
My goal is to approach our therapeutic relationship with compassion, non-judgment, empathy and acceptance. I build my work upon a client-centered approach, as I believe a strong therapeutic relationship is the foundation to therapeutic success. I use an integrative approach and incorporate Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), solution-focused, mindfulness techniques and talk therapy with clients.

Overall, I work from the belief that all behavior is purposeful and displayed in an effort to meet a certain need. I aim to promote increased client awareness and insight so they can better recognize their emotional needs and identify adaptive strategies to meet said needs. During this process, I focus on building my clients’ confidence in their ability to cope with intense emotions, effectively express thoughts and feelings and embrace their internal strengths while translating these skills into their everyday life.
I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Nationally Certified Counselor. I obtained my Masters in Mental Health Counseling from the University of West Georgia. My experience includes inpatient, outpatient and residential settings with clients ranging from adolescents, young adults to older adult populations. Most recently I have worked with Young Adult clients facilitating process groups for those suffering with a variety of presenting issues. My areas of focus include anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, psychosis related disorders, mood disorders, behavioral difficulties, identify formation, school related issues, and Autism Spectrum Disorder. To schedule an appointment, either book an appointment online, call (678)719-2019, or email I look forward to hearing from you.


Ellen Smith, APC, NCC

You deserve a life that leaves you excited to wake up every morning.  At times many of us struggle with feeling disconnected from our lives, jobs, families, and even from ourselves. Sometimes we feel sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. Let's work together to let go of old habits and thought patterns, and replace them with healthier responses, boundaries, and coping skills. I'm a laid-back and straight-forward therapist. My ideal patient is focused on personal growth and healing. As your therapist, I strive to create a space where we can together begin to discover, identify, and process the underlying emotional issues, cognitive distortions, and traumas that fuel our maladaptive thoughts, attitudes, and actions.   


I am an Associate Professional Counselor and a Nationally Certified Counselor.  I obtained my Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Mercer University in Atlanta. Establishing a therapeutic relationship is a vital step in the recovery process and for the relationship to be productive, trust is key.  That's why I believe trust, respect, and congruence are major components of a good therapeutic relationship. 


My career began in acute and post-acute stabilization and treatment settings working with a variety of mental health and substance use disorders. My work has been with young adults, adults, as well as older adults. I have a passion for recovery, healing, and progress (not perfection!). 


Making positive, lasting change in our lives is difficult and can be at times both painful and painstaking. We can't do it alone. The good news is we don't have to. I look forward to supporting you in this part of your journey into healing and recovery.  To schedule an appointment, please contact me at (470) 285-2484 or email me at  



 substance use disorders 

eating disorders,


LGBTQI+ issues.



  Private pay clients can inquire about a super bill to file with insurance, which may cover the cost of therapy. When possible I do work on a sliding scale fee. 

-50 minute individual session-$110

-60 minute individual session-$125


Are you looking for a place to find acceptance, understanding, and safety? So many of us lack this environment in our everyday life. It is my hope that by working with me that you can start to feel these things, start a healing journey, and find better understanding of self. I work with adults and adolescents who are ready to start this journey. 

When children and adolescents feel that they are not being heard, they become louder which often manifests into challenging behaviors. There are diverse influences on a child's mental health such as; parenting styles, child's behaviors, social relationships, cognitive development, and abuse. I have worked with children in areas of ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, PTSD, Depression, and Anxiety, requiring different levels of care. When children feel heard, the walls that were once built up can come down to create a place of acceptance and healing. With children I implement play therapy, CBT, TF-CBT, DBT, expressive arts therapy, attachment based approaches, and person centered. 

When working with adults, I find that they often need similar things to children, a need to feel heard. I work with adults who have anxiety, depression, trauma, and parenting issues. I implement trauma focused-CBT, CBT, DBT, attachment based therapy, and person centered. 

Prior to forming a therapeutic relationship, I believe in creating a nurturing, safe, trusting, and non-judgemental environment. A space where you or your child can be heard and seen and they feel secure in sharing whatever they would like to express. I look forward embarking on this journey to wellness and healing with you. Please reach out at (404) 999-7673 or by email



Chronic health issues






I take Humana, United, and Aetna.  I can also provide a super bill for services. 



-60 minute individual session-$135


Terri Phoenix, M.Ed,ACP, NCC, CCTP


Tori Emerick, M. Ed, LPC, NCC, CCTP

Tori is not currently accepting new clients

If you’re struggling to find reasons why you’re worthy or lovable; if you’re unable to really name what you’re feeling; if you’re finding it difficult to authentically connect with others - I’m the therapist for you. Whether you’re feeling completely overwhelmed by a flood of emotions or consistently feeling numb and checked out, I’m here to help you safely reconnect with your inner self. It’s my goal to aid my clients in increasing their self esteem, creating deeper connections with others, and experiencing their feelings fully. 


I believe for my clients to be their true selves in therapy, I also need to show up as my whole self. You can expect me to be laid-back, honest, imperfect, direct, occasionally foul-mouthed, and always warm. I believe that through a positive, safe, and secure therapeutic relationship, we can challenge the negative beliefs you have about yourself, other people, the world and life. I am a person-centered therapist utilizing object-relational, gestalt, and existential lens. I also employ harm reduction and motivational interviewing approaches and am trained in Brainspotting and Accelerated Resolution Therapy.  


I am an Associate Professional Counselor working under the supervision of Kimore Reid LPC, CPCS and the direction of Carrie Gensler LPC. I obtained my Masters in Education in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from West Georgia University. My background is in inpatient stabilization and intensive outpatient treatment providing group and individual therapy treating trauma, addiction, and mood disorders. 




Substance Use


Anger Issues

Mood Disorders






60 minute individual session-$145


Offering free 15 minute consultation to interested clients. If I am unable to meet your needs or I will be able to provide referrals for you. Email to schedule a consultation. 


Thanks for being here, I’m Liz. I believe clients are the experts of their own experience and that a positive, collaborative therapeutic alliance is deeply important. My approach to therapy is grounded in those beliefs, and I work diligently to create a space where clients feel brave, heard, and empowered. 


My experience is primarily with LGBTQIA+, transgender, and gender-expansive clients, and my approach is supportive, affirming, and integrates advocacy and power analysis. I work with clients navigating anxiety, depression, work/life balance, life transitions, boundaries, stress, trauma, religious or spiritual trauma, identity development and more. I believe therapy should be holistic, pulling from systems theory, dialectical behavior therapy, narrative therapy, strengths-based and person-centered approaches. Additionally, I operate from harm reduction and social justice frameworks and enjoy utilizing motivational interviewing. I see older adolescents and adults for individual therapy. 


Maybe you’re looking for a place to explore your identity and heal; maybe you’re looking for a place to start implementing tangible and sustained change; maybe you’re looking for somewhere to process experiences and emotions and find inner strength and liberation, or maybe you’re looking for something different; I’d love to explore whether we may be a good fit to work together. You can expect me to be laid-back, welcoming, and direct; I aim to create a space that is warm, validating, and also challenging when appropriate. 

 I work with partners interested in marriage (i.e., premarital counseling), considering life transitions (cohabitating, raising children, and more), or wanting to deepen their intimacy and communication with one another.


I graduated from the University of Georgia with a Masters of Social Work, and I’m currently a licensed master social worker (LMSW) under the supervision of Mick Rehrig, LCSW and direction of Carrie Gensler, LPC. Email or call 864-659-0601 to schedule a brief phone consultation. 





Life Transitions



Spiritual and Religious Trauma







60 minute individual session- $135

couples/family session-$150


Liz Rhea, MSW, LMSW

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